Since our humble beginnings in August, our company has grown from a team of two professionals to a powerhouse of skilled individuals.
Hailing from Serbia, Indonesia, and China, our diverse team brings extensive experience to the table, ensuring top-notch results.
We strive to surpass customer expectations by providing high-quality products and services. We also aim to become a global company with multiple subsidiaries that brings innovation and quality to all operations.
Exceeding Expectations
We achieve success by embracing human values, caring for the well-being of customers and employees, and helping others. We aspire to be a socially responsible company, making efforts to support the community and address social issues.
Results through Humanity
Our missions are:
Our values are:
We surpass expectations, delighting stakeholders
Exceeding Expectations
Inspiring and guiding the team towards common goals
Fostering a culture of teamwork and diverse ideas
Committed to delivering high-quality work with energy
Full Dedication
Maxim Shcherbin
Ksenia Eliseeva
Sergey Basanskiy
Vitaliy Kabysh
Anton Maximov
Continuous pursuit of business development
Traffic Head
Media Buying Head
Business Developer Head
Influence & Marketing Head
And many other professionals who are passionate about their work